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Hockey Bones - Scouts vs Maple Leafs

(Played 5-26-22) Has a fun game tonight on my channel with my brand new 74-75 Drive Thru Cards season. Had to play the Scouts first game. I've played this game before with other games, and the Scouts play the Leafs tough every time. This was no exception. Scouts 1-2-1 = 4 Leafs 1-1-2 = 4 Nolet had two goals and McElmury a goal and an assist as the Scouts led 4 times, but 4 times could not hold the lead.

A goal by Ellis with 3:12 to play tied it for Toronto, giving them a 4-4 tie against the expansion Scouts. Michel Plasse made 36 saves on 40 shots. Doug Favell made 26 saves on 30 shots. Scouts were 0-1 on the PP, Leafs were 2-3

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