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Hosts of the Digital to Dice podcast

The Digital to Dice podcast is hosted by friends Dave Gardner and Ron Juckett.

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Ron and Dave met in 2018 when Ron was playing Action PC Football on his YouTube channel.  They struck up a friendship and started a gaming podcast in July of 2019.


The podcast mostly talks about tabletop and PC sports gaming, and includes guests such as game developers and game players in the community.

Ron lives with his wife and his cat in Vermont, and has done writing for Bleacher Report, and Fansided. He has done numerous game play videos and season replays on YouTube and Twitch using different PC and tabletop games.

You can find Ron on Twitch at and on YouTube at .

Dave lives with his wife and loud mouth dog in Massachusetts, and has run adult hockey leagues since 1998. He also referees and does play by play for USPHL Jr. Hockey teams. In the past he has written for hockey magazines and traveled the country doing play by play for professional roller hockey leagues. 
You can find him on YouTube at

Email the show at

You can send us a text or leave a voicemail at 978-751-DICE (3423)

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