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Bruins 92-93 season replay, OTT game 3

Game 3 Senators @ Boston

OTT 0-1-1=2 BOS 2-1-1=4

The expansion Ottawa Senators came into town, and despite getting outshot 49-17, kept it respectable, as goalie Moog seemed to struggle with in range shots again.

Steve Heinze had a hat trick for Boston who led the whole way. Juneau picked up 2 assists and Bourque another assist. Maciver and Hull had the Ottawa goals.

Shots OTT 4-7-6=17 BOS 20-15-14=49

Sidorkiewicz OTT 45 saves, 8 scoring chances, 4 GA. Moog BOS 15 saves, 3 scoring chances, 2 GA.

Powerplays: OTT 1-4, BOS 1-6.

Boston 3-0-0

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