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Cleveland Spiders replay with UQ Baseball

Using Ultra Quick Baseball from Downey Games I replayed the entire 1899 Cleveland Spiders season. This is a single roll baseball game.

It was a miracle I won any games at all, seeing how bad the Spiders were rated in this game. I've heard it's difficult to rate the really good and really bad teams in games, and this was a good example of that.

The real record for the Spiders was 20-134, yes the worst team in baseball. In my replay they went 4-150. A considerable difference. They scored 529 and gave up 1252 in real life, and in the replay it was 454 and 908. Much less for both.

They were only able to beat the Senators, Giants, Perfectos and Orphans, one time each. On two of these occasions they needed the BG roll to get the win. Straight up, if the Spiders weren't rolling in the 60's and the opponents weren't rolling in the 10's, Cleveland had no chance. (11-66)

In most games the most runs the Spiders could get with a straight up roll was 4 or 5, and the least the other teams could get with a straight up roll was 4 or 5, so you can see how ridiculous it was to get them a win without an almost perfect roll for each team. Though the Spiders did win one of the games in extra innings.

All in all it was actually worse than your typical Bad Team replay that I'm famous for. The losing just didn't end, and baseball is a long season. I'll be playing more Spider replays using other games, and I'll compare the results.

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